Onigiri Online is Being Localized for the West on PS4 and XBox One

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Onigiri Online is a freemium action MMORPG that, until now, has only been available in Japanese. The good news is developers Cyberstep have just announced they’re localizing the title for the West for Xbox One, while previously it was confirmed for the west on PS4.

The game takes place in an alternate, ancient Japan based on Japanese folklore and mythology. In Onigiri, you play as the descendant of ancient demons, and set out on a quest with 8 companions in order to save the world from ruin. The developers regularly update the game, and hold real-time and seasonal events, too, so there’s always something new to see. Players are allowed up to three different characters, and a future update may allow players to purchase further character slots.

The game also allows players to buy in-game items. Weapons degrade in the game, but can be restored through special charms which can be purchased with real-world currency, for example. Other items for sale are more typical, including weapons, armour, healing potions, and more. The game even includes a raffle system that provides players a chance to win rare items and outfits.

The developers have assured that all the versions of the game will contain the same content. However, they did note that console updates are delayed by about a month due to Sony and Microsoft’s certification procedures.

Sharing characters across language regions or versions of the game will not be supported, unfortunately.

All we know of the Western release dates yet is that Onigiri Online will be available in 2015, and that the PS4 and Xbox One releases “may not match up precisely”, but we’ll keep you updated.

[Editor’s note: thanks to Windows Central for the details, and thanks to Paul for pointing out in the comments that we hadn’t credited them!]

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