Dragon Quest Voice Actress Has Her Way with the Metal Slime Edition PS4

shoko nakagawa 12-12-14-1

Apparently, notable persons in the video games industry putting their mouths on new pieces of hardware isn’t a Western-only phenomenon.

Voice actress Shoko Nakagawa, who voices Alena in Dragon Quest Heroes, got her hands on a Metal Slime Edition Playstation 4, which just launched in Japan.

shoko nakagawa 12-12-14-2

Nakagawa posted tweets of herself posing with and attempting to eat the console packaging … and even got her cat involved in the celebration.

shoko nakagawa 12-12-14-3 shoko nakagawa 12-12-14-4

When she finally got to the “metal slime” part, instead of resting it atop her Playstation 4, as is customary, she put her own spin on how it should be displayed:

shoko nakagawa 12-12-14-6 shoko nakagawa 12-12-14-5

The final shots of herself with the Metal Slime Edition of the Playstation 4, were of her “eating” it, as pictured below.

shoko nakagawa 12-12-14-7 shoko nakagawa 12-12-14-8

Before we forget the reason behind all of the photos: this is probably all part of the cross-promotion deal. If you decide to import one of these Metal Slime Edition Playstation 4s, you’ll get a code to download Dragon Quest Heroes a day before the game’s launch on February 25th.

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