Battle as Queen Victoria for Tea, Cheese, & Jammy Scones in Rock Boshers DX on PS4 and PS Vita

Rock Boshers DX is a retro-styled arcade game created by Tikipod, the crew that recently brought us Aquakitty: Milk Mine Defender DX on PS4 and PS Vita.

Featured above, you can find a new trailer for the game featuring protagonist Queen Victoria. Her goal is to traverse across the land, surviving off of tea, cheese, and jammy scones. Yes, scones.

The game also comes with a bunch of extra arcade-styled games:

  • CHEESE DREAMS sees you chasing down a giant lump of Cheddar.
  • AQUA KITTY is a mini spinoff from the DX version, where you must protect a milk pipeline.
  • GHOST PYRAMID places you in the shadow of some ancient Martian pyramid as you dash to collect gems.
  • And finally BOSHTEROIDS lets you take to the stars in your very own spaceship.

Despite the game’s crazily retro look, it’s quite colorful and addicting looking.

Brandon Orselli


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