Aviary Attorney, the Feathery Phoenix Wright, Is On Kickstarter

Aviary Attorney, a visual novel in which you represent clients, collect evidence, and deliver justice, has been described as Ace Attorney meets Hatoful Boyfriend, and there’s really no better way to put it.

The setting of Aviary Attorney is mid-19th century Paris. Caterline Demiaou, a rich pussycat, has been accused of murder. The Demiaou estate, in an attempt to save her, offers a substantial sum to attorneys Falcon and Sparrowson, of Aviary Attorneys, if they’ll represent the feline and have her acquitted. Luckily for Demiaou, the legal offices of Aviary Attorneys just so happen to be in a financially precarious position …

The VN also has three other cases to defend and mysteries to solve, but details about those haven’t been revealed yet.

Check out the video embedded above.

60% of the funding required for the kickstarter to succeed has already been achieved in just two days, which is pretty impressive. If you think you might be interested in contributing to the project, you can go here. Aviary Attorney is also on Steam Greenlight, here.

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Dimi Gronnings


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