People are Already Making Replicas of the Saw-Cleaver from Bloodborne

bloodborne 11-10-14-16

Sony and From Software’s Bloodborne isn’t even out yet—but as we all know, this won’t stop cosplayers from making stuff based on in-game characters, armor, weapons, and so on.

Enter Twitter user AryaMAXGamute, who took it upon himself to recreate the saw-cleaver, and it’s sure to have the same effect that it has in game: turning heads, or possibly cutting them off.

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(Apologies for the extremely corny pun earlier)

It took AryaMAXGamute roughly twelve days to create the cleaver out of aluminum and rubber, and it seems to have turned out really well. It even transforms between both forms of the cleaver!

Bloodborne is coming to Playstation 4 on February 5th in Japan and on February 6th in both North America and Europe.

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