Get a Look at the Massive World in Xenoblade Chronicles X with the Latest Trailer

Nintendo has given us the latest preview for Monolith Soft’s Xenoblade Chronicles X during tonight’s Nintendo Direct broadcast.

Featured above, you can view the portion of the stream that shows off the brief-yet-awesome footage of the game’s world. Humans in Xenoblade Chronicles X are forced to flee Earth in the wake of a devastating galactic war. They crash land on an uncharted planet, and seek refuge and supplies in this new world—using New Los Angeles as their base of operations.

You can take on missions like collecting items all over the planet, hunting creatures, and taking care of business for various denizens of New Los Angeles. There’s a ton of content aside from the quest themselves, all of which will aid you in securing humanity’s survival.

Nintendo president and CEO Satoru Iwata touted the upcoming RPG as “massive”, saying that it’s even bigger than Xenoblade Chronicles in its entirety. He also teased GamePad navigation alongside other unconfirmed features, to help players have the most engrossing RPG experience yet.

Lastly, Iwata-san also confirmed that Nintendo is looking to release the game some time next year.

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