Bandai Namco Plays And Showcases Digimon All-Star Rumble

While I know Digimon may not get everyone excited, I’m sure there are at least a small group of you out there in the Niche Gamer Nation that still like it. Bandai Namco’s American office uploaded a video stream earlier of a couple of the guys playing Digimon All-Star Rumble for about a half hour, going over the basics and ins-and-outs of the game.

The game itself seems to be a pretty standard arena fighter, but it certainly looks fun—although I personally miss Digimon Rumble Arena from PS1. The available cast in this particular game consists of 12 digimon, each featuring 2 digivolved forms, although not all of their forms are canonical in the series they featured in—in fact, many of the second forms overlap with one another. The thing that bothers me most is the mix of levels among the forms—for example, Agumon’s first evolution is Wargreymon, a Mega level, whereas Tentomon gets MegaKabuterimon, who is really only an Ultimate—but that doesn’t affect gameplay, really.

For those curious, the playable roster is listed below. Definitely check out some of the gameplay in the video, though. It looks like this may be a fun purchase for parties with old friends.

  • Agumon – WarGreymon – Omnimon
  • Gabumon – MetalGarurumon – Omnimon
  • Biyomon – Hououmon – Examon
  • Tentomon – MegaKabuterimon – TyrantKabuterimon
  • Gomamon – Plesiomon – AegisDramon
  • Gatomon – Angewomon – Examon
  • Shoutmon – OmniShoutmon – Shoutmon DX
  • Dorulumon – Shoutmon X4 – Shoutmon X5B
  • Veemon – ExVeemon – Imperialdramon Fighter Mode
  • Wormmon – Stingmon – Imperialdramon Fighter Mode
  • Guilmon – WarGrowlmon – Gallantmon
  • Impmon – Beelzemon – Shoutmon X5B
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