The #GamerGate Harassment Patrol is a Success

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[UPDATE: The original post is something we no longer endorse as the evolution of the #GamerGate Harassment Patrol. This is something that is being used to silence, harass, and censor people that want to use the original moniker, #GamerGate Harassment Patrol.]

So #GamerGate is still raging on in the Twitter-sphere and other regions of the internet. It’s been affecting many on all sides of the fence, including myself, having seemingly anti-#GamerGate trolls attempt to doxx me (and end up doxxing my parents). These trolls seemed to just appear out of nowhere, and in force, last month.

To combat these nasty trolls who seek to only stifle and stop discussion and potential compromise, #GamerGate activists have established the #GamerGate Harassment Patrol. These individuals are a group of people on Twitter who seek to report and stop the harassment, doxxing, and threats made to people on all sides of the #GamerGate discussion.

Regardless of what the mainstream media is putting out there in front of the millions outside of the movement, no evidence has surfaced connecting #GamerGate activists to these trolls, threats, and doxxing attempts. There have been pieces of evidence leading to the connecting of anti-#GamerGate, but none of this has proved enough for a damning conviction.

The #GamerGate Harassment Patrol has successfully shut down hundreds of troll, threatening, and doxxing accounts on Twitter. They’ve also compiled all of their behaviors, messages, and patterns in an attempt to hopefully predict their next attacks. Coming from this, evidence has been found pointing to a number of these harassment incidents coming from Brazilian celebrity journalist Celebrinando Guy, or the Bill Waggoner hacking group (previously known as the GNAA).

With success comes responsibility and of course – the haters who attempt to destroy what you’ve created. Despite positive acknowledgement from alternative and mainstream media, shills/moles/concern trolls began to abuse the tag in order to censor discussion and cause infighting within the pro-#GamerGate community. Do not let this dissuade your discussion, simply report them and move on.

While some individuals feel that having a difference of opinion is considered harassment, a simple argument and or block can resolve this. Flagging a person for having a different opinion to yours is not the purpose of this group of dedicated individuals, or any rational person for that matter.

Brandon Orselli


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