SEGA Has Taken A Huge Loss, Turning To Online Sales

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Sega recently released some of their income records for the past two years to the public, and it’s not really pretty. On top of that, they released a statement regarding the majority of their policy going forward.

The company has seen a significant portion of their sales—a large, significant portion—coming from online purchases, as opposed to physical ones. With that in mind, Sega is now looking toward their online sales marketing to hope to make up some of the difference.

In fact, Sega is going as far as restructuring its entire corporation, just about. They already have plans to restructure their companies into three major business groups by April of 2015:

  • First is a pachislot and pachinko division focused on the machines produced primarily by the Sammy Corporation.
  • Second is the Entertainment division, focused around Sega Corporation’s network game business.
  • Last is the Resort division, focused on the development of hotels, golf courses, and facility businesses among others.

Of course, the harshness of the market was blamed for the downturn in physical sales but, as any consumer (at least outside of Japan) will tell you, Sega simply doesn’t manage their assets well abroad. Valkyria Chronicles coming to PC is a move in the right direction, but even that is toward digital only.

On the other hand, maybe this sudden shift to digital output will finally give Phantasy Star Online 2 the push it needs …

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