Learn the Basics of Living in Nexon’s Dinosaur-Filled Survivalist MMORPG

Ever since the curious reveal of Nexon’s dinosaur-themed survival MMORPG, Durango, we haven’t really seen much for the game, until now.

Featured above, a rather lengthy gameplay video was uploaded by the Korean publisher/developer, which showcases the game’s prehistoric mechanics. You’ll be fighting giant crocodiles, woolly mammoths, and, of course, them dinosaurs!

Combat is definitely appears a bit different in comparison with most MMORPGs, which have you simply target and auto-attack things to death. You can see certain players defending themselves from hordes of dinos, while others lunge forward in attack.

A key feature of the game is eking out a living in this dangerous world via building a camp or village, securing food, supplies, and drinkable water. You can even enlist the help of some prehistoric creatures by using them as mounts, like in other MMORPGs!

Unfortunately for our PC fans, the game is currently only coming to iOS, Android, and the NVIDIA Shield.

Brandon Orselli


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