Survive the Beautiful Yet Depressing Aquatic Ruins of Submerged

Uppercut Games are a small indie studio based out of Australia, but they pack quite a talented punch. [Ed: intentional malaprop!]

Featured above is the debut trailer for the sorrowful, and beautifully idyllic game, Submerged. The game is described as an exploration adventure experience in the desolate, ancient ruins that Miku and her younger brother drift to.

The story behind Submerged is that of sacrifice. Miku and her younger brother escape a terrible past, only to wash ashore on the barren and mysterious ruins you see in the trailer above. You have to scrounge around for supplies and food, and you’ll also have to find a way out before your brother gets too weak, and potentially dies.

The game runs on Unreal Engine 4. While the visuals are pretty spectacular, I think the soundtrack is noteworthy, too, all of it composed by BAFTA Award-Winner Jeff Van Dyck. You can expect the soundtrack to be just as mesmerizing as the visuals and environments themselves.

Submerged is coming sometime in early 2015 to PC, Consoles, and Mobile.

Brandon Orselli


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