Stella Glow is Revealed as Imageepoch’s 10th Anniversary Game on 3DS

stella glow 10-21-14-1

Remember when Imageepoch trademarked Stella Glow almost a month ago? Well now their new game has been revealed, via this week’s Famitsu.

The new game from the developer of Time and Eternity, Luminous Arc, and so on is dubbed simply Stella Glow, and it’s coming to the Nintendo 3DS. Not much else is known yet (due to the low resolution scans), but we do know the game is a 10th anniversary project.

The world that Stella Glow is based in is filled with magic and swords and seemingly high fantasy themes, features a quarter-view perspective in battles, and also has a core story involving witches, and song magic. Interesting, sort of like the song magic from Media Vision’s Shining Resonance?

We’ll keep you guys posted.

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