Acquire is Making a Castle Strategy/Simulator for PS Vita and Smartphones

acquire logo 10-21-14-1

This week’s regular Famitsu leaks have revealed something quite interesting: Acquire, the studio behind games like Mind Zero, Way of the Samurai, and Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed, are working on a castle game.

The new title, dubbed Hero Fortress Bagooon!!, is coming to iOS, Android, and PlayStation Vita. It’s coming pretty soon as well, this November on smartphones and December for Vita, and we still don’t have screenshots or gameplay.

In Hero Fortress Bagooon!!, you’ll be tasked with building your own fortress, and with fortifying and managing it properly in order to survive the incoming onslaught.

You’ll be able to man the defensive cannons, replenish your mana tanks (which are used to strengthen your forces and keep), enlist the help of heroes, and—naturally—lay out the infrastructure for your burgeoning war machine.

The game is free to play—which is a bit worrying, but we’ll keep you guys posted.

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