You Can Finally Live Out a Life of a Roman Charioteer in Chariot Wars

Candella Systems have put out a new game for Android titled simply Chariot Wars.

Featured above, you can view a rather lengthy trailer for the game, which goes over the multitude of features that come with the experience. There’s a single player campaign where you play as Praetorian Quintus Octavian, a soldier who has stepped into the regular chariot races, to help investigate a grisly murder. There’s a graphic novel that is featured in game, to aid players along as they progress through the politically driven Roman plot.

There are multiple horse types and eight different kinds of chariots for you to choose from, and while there isn’t a multiplayer mode yet, the indie studio Candella Systems is promising that four player multiplayer will be available soon. The game is currently available to try out for free, but it does have in-app purchases ranging from $2 to $8 dollars.

You can find Chariot Wars here on the Google Marketplace.

Brandon Orselli


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