Castaway Paradise Is Like Animal Crossing, but It’s On iOS

Stolen Couch Games are an indie studio based out of Hilversum, The Netherlands, and they’ve got a very interesting mobile title on their hands with Castaway Paradise.

Featured above, you can view an overview trailer for the newly-released game, and I bet you’re thinking what I’m thinking: it looks awfully similar to Nintendo’s wildly popular Animal Crossing series.

There’s one major difference between Animal Crossing and Castaway Paradise – the former is a traditional pay model, i.e. you buy the game and have access to everything, while Castaway Paradise is a freemium game, meaning you can play for free, but there are in-app purchases.

The island that you’re marooned on in Castaway Paradise is filled with the all-to-familiar talking animals, all of which have a seemingly endless number of tasks and errands for you to do in exchange for trinkets. You can also fish, decorate the island, dress accordingly, catch bugs, and more.

In case you want to pay one time and get access to everything (theoretically anyway), you can opt to pay to be a VIP, with varying time periods of one month, six months, or even twelve months. VIPs will pay a fixed fee and get perks like lots of free pearls, unlimited water and stamina, discounts on items in the catalogue, and bonus gifts.

To be clear, the game is currently an iOS exclusive, while the Android version is coming later at a to be determined date. If you’re an iOS user, head on over to the App Store¬†and give the game a try.

Brandon Orselli


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