Xbox One Launched in China, Over 100K Shipped on Day 1

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Microsoft was prepping up the launch of the Xbox One in mainland China for quite some time, only to delay it into later this year, and suddenly, the console has officially launched in the country.

Full disclosure: I completely missed the update that Microsoft was launching the console on the 29th of September in China, so consider this a follow up piece to their launch and how they performed.

According to Chinese forum A9VG (via WPDang), the console has shipped/sold over a hundred thousand units in its first day. To be clear, official “sold” numbers haven’t been made public yet, so we’ll keep you guys posted on that front.

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The console is now available in over 37 cities across mainland China, and in over 4000 retail stores. The top ten games for the Xbox One in China at launch are as follows:

  1. Forza 5
  2. PowerStar Golf
  3. Zoo Tycoon
  4. Max: The Curse of Brotherhood
  5. NeverWinter
  6. Rayman Legends
  7. Trials Fusion
  8. Naughty Kitties (China/Xbox One exclusive by local indie dev Coconut Island)
  9. Fantasia: Music Evolved? or Dance Central: Spotlight
  10. Kinect Sports Rivals?

It’s worth noting that every game that is released for the console in mainland China has to go through screening via the government’s cultural association, where they basically deem what is proper and what is inappropriate for the Chinese citizens. This is why games like Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Destiny, and so on are not available in the country – due to their graphic violence.

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Xbox One in China cannot have its region changed, although it can use foreign download codes, so long as the game or content is available on the Chinese Xbox Marketplace, or vice versa. Coming from this, foreign Xbox One’s cannot change their region to China. Finally, you can log into Xbox Live accounts created on a Chinese XB1 on foreign Xbox One consoles, just in case you do that much traveling or something.

Image source: 9AVG

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