Meet Nene, the Skittish Idol from Omega Quintet

Compile Heart is steadily building up hype for their oncoming Playstation 4 RPG, Omega Quintet.

Previously, we saw the idols Otoha, Kyouka, and Kanadeko, and now we’ve gotten a look at Nene.

Featured above, Nene is another one of the girls from the quintet of idols that are destined to save the world. The yellow-blazoned idol is very faint hearted, and she’s also described as skittish. If you have trouble spotting her, she’s probably cowering behind Kanadeko in the face of danger. She does, however, pull out her true courage in a real battle.

Omega Quintet is coming to PlayStation 4 next Thursday, October 2nd.

Brandon Orselli


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