Kenka Bancho 6: Soul & Blood Announced And Detailed

Kenka Bancho 6: Soul & Blood has itself a trailer, as well as a bunch of details regarding it’s story, characters, and such. A quick rundown of the story is as follows:

The setting is Kukijima High School. This place is so terribly overrun with delinquents, that it has urban legends and stories that will scare the pants off your average person. At one point, all of the resident delinquents were fighting to see who was the strongest, and who could lead them. No one ever emerged victorious.

However, eventually a delinquent by the name of Ryuuji Katagiri showed up and changed all that. In less than a year, he brought the school to its knees and took control over the delinquents, rising as their Bancho.

Now, a new class of delinquents is arriving, and among them is Daigo Asahina, a new, seemingly emotionless face among the crowd, who, in fact, bears a deep hatred of the current regime at the school. His arrival marks a coming turbulent storm that will hit Kukijima all too hard.

The game promises a whole bunch in the way of classic Kenka Bancho action, with the manga-styled action and storytelling sequences making a return, and the the overall game promising to live up to the previous ones as well. Promising all kinds of events from ballgames, to class trips, breaks, and summer vacation, this game is sure to be packed with all kinds of fun things to do.

Chris Gregoria


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