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Imageepoch has Trademarked Stella Glow

luminous arc 2 09-27-14-1

Well it looks like Imageepoch is working on yet another RPG, as a new trademark has surfaced from the company.

They’ve filed a trademark for the name “Stella Glow” in Japan, a mark that has just surfaced today – considering it was originally filed on the 28th of August. A logo was also part of the mark, which you can view below:

stella glow 09-27-14-1

Imageepoch is known for their work developing RPG’s for various publishers, with the Luminous Arc series for Marvelous (with Vanessa from the first two games featured above), Time and Eternity for Bandai Namco, 7th Dragon 2020 for Sega, and The Last Ranker for Capcom.

Their latest game, SoniPro, was published for the Nintendo 3DS back in July, a title they developed for Nitroplus.

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