The Girls of Onechanbara Z2 Have an Ecstasy Form

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OneChanbara Z2: Chaos has less than 2 months to wait before it sees the light of day in Japan, and new information sprang forth today – and there’s lots of it. Covering new combat abilities from Aya and Saki to new enemies, there is now a fair amount of information when it comes to some of the new beasts in this installment.


Starting this blast of new information off with a bang is Aya’s and Saki’s new combat forms. These new powerful forms, called “Ecstasy Forms,” are new heightened, deadly forms the two fighters can take thanks to their cursed blood. Aya’s new form seemingly turns her berserk, but in fact she retains her mental faculties. That’s right – all the badassery of going berserk without having to lose your mind to do it. And Saki’s in fact is triggered by her resonance with her sister; and she, too, retains full control over her mental state in this new form.

And in addition to these shiny new outfits, more details regarding the so-called “Banana & Strawberry” outfits has been revealed. There are actually two versions of the outfit – X and Y. “Banana & Strawberry X” will be sent out with first print run copies of the retail edition, whereas “Banana & Strawberry Y” will come with the downloadable version – for a limited time.


In addition to all that great news, tons of new enemies have been detailed. It seems we may get a little more variety among the zombified creatures running amok in Tokyo this time around, and they look like they’ll be fun to tussle with. We’ll start off with a couple of the biggies.

First, we’ve got actually named special antagonists. Sayaka and Anzu are a pair of undead that come from an entirely different world that runs off our world’s negative energy. Sayaka, pictured on the left with the ball and chain, is run on deep feelings of vengeance; each time she is killed, her feelings of resentment grow stronger, and she has since developed her own personality and ego.

Anzu, the claw-girl, was in fact summoned by Saki. While she was originally rather weak, being summoned by Saki gave her some power through the cursed blood, leaving her rather dangerous. She, too, has her own personality and ego, but because of constantly being beaten down by Aya, her memories are continually being lost. And despite no true ties by blood, Sayaka and Anzu consider themselves to be sisters.


The game also has new common enemies featured here. First on the list is the Hekatonkheires. It’s a mash-up of a bunch of zombies, leaving it much faster, stronger, and generally more dangerous than your typical enemy.

Strangely, the zombies that make it up are still ‘living’ in a way that allows them to move the upper and lower body freely with their own will. Put that together with some cursed blood, and there’s some real danger in these suckers.


Next is the Zombified Clone Hellhound. Despite originally being hellhounds under Kalmira while being less…dead, these new zombie hellhounds are cloned versions of their original counterparts.

Experiments with cursed blood have infused them with even greater bloodlust than before, leaving them dangerous and quite deadly.


Next in line is the Gigas. Exactly as it sounds, the Gigas is a powerhouse of a zombie. The bulked up body it possesses is dangerous all on its own, so this zombie is not an easy kill.

In addition, the Gigas’ body runs on toxins that it must regularly release to keep moving – but these toxins are as dangerous a weapon as it’s massive body.


The Jiangshi are another major threat. These undead call the bamboo forest home, and are far more dangerous than your average undead. These creatures are controlled by Evange, who uses the talismans on their foreheads to control them.


Last is the head of the Chinese temple hidden in the bamboo forest guarded by the Jiangshi. The Super Monk knows black magic (thought no one knows how he came to learn it) and believed that the Jiangshi that suddenly showed up in the forest were of his own doing. However, he was unable to control them and was killed. Evange, seeing his potential uses, revived him as an undead.


With all this new information out there, this game sounds like it’ll certainly top the last Onechanbara title – and it’s a welcome gain. Onechanbara Z2: Chaos is sure to be a great time.

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