The Buxom Kunoichi Ayane is Playable in Fatal Frame Wii U

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Koei Tecmo has confirmed that Dead or Alive’s Ayane is playable in their upcoming Wii U horror game, Fatal Frame: The Raven-Haired Shrine Maiden.

You’ll be able to unlock Ayane’s special mission after you clear the main game. Here are some more shots of Ayane in action:

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Within her side-story, the kunoichi travels to the haunted mountain featured in the core story, to save a new character named Tsumugi Katashina.

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Tsumugi is voiced by Natsumi Takamori, a girl who was isolated and raised with disdain, leading to her developing a psychological complex. She’s unable to converse well to other people, and following her most recent suicide attempt, she is whisked away to the Hikaiyama mountain.

Ayane has also had some time to visit the local tattoo parlor, as you can see:

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In order to locate Tsumugi, Ayane has to follow her “Purple Thread” form of sleuthing. As you can expect, you’ll be sneaking around as the purple-haired kunoichi, a contrast to the game’s usual camera battles with the specters.

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If you’re discovered, you’ll have to react accordingly and hopefully escape to the shadows. Ayane is able to use the “Soul Stone Lamp” to help slow the progression of the ghosts.

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Fatal Frame: The Raven-Haired Shrine Maiden is coming to Wii U in Japan tomorrow, September 27th.

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