Mighty No. Nein – #GamerGate Censorship


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Isn’t it amazing in this world how old issues, long thought irrelevant, always seem to creep back up reminding you why they were an issue to begin with?

For those not in the know, Mighty No. 9 was a kickstarter project that was pitched as kind of an unofficial revival of the beloved Mega Man franchise.  What set this apart from dozens of other similar fan made titles was that this one was being headed by one of the original creators of Mega Man himself, Keiji Inafune.  Things were going along great, people were loving the project, and in the end the project raised over four million dollars.  This however, is when things started to go south for a lot of gamers.

If you have listened to any of our nichegamer podcasts you will know that I am always very skeptical of kickstarter.  Once these people have your money you can’t be sure what they will do with it or if they will even follow through with their project at all.  Once they have that cold hard cash you are effectively no longer a factor in decision making and they can do whatever they please once they have your money.  In the case of Mighty No. 9 it was the decision to hire somebody due to nepotism that would divide the entire community.

Enter Dina Abou Karam, who was hired as the community manager for the project, amid a massive controversy.  I won’t get into it now, but make sure you read up on why this was so controversial as it’s very relevant to today’s topic.

Needless to say, eventually nerves calmed and the fire of the controversy died down and people went back to being excited about the game again.  It seems, however, that the recent #GamerGate scandal was too much for Dina, one of the Social Justice Warrior Cultists, and she just had to get in on the action.

@MightyNo9… wait, what? I’m blocked from following a project I pledged $300 to because I support #Gamergate? Gneiss pic.twitter.com/ABVcjs3ymc

— Forte (@FortesSnC) September 21, 2014

The problem with this is that Mighty No. 9 is a kickstarter project that wouldn’t exist without the good will of the fans who were excited enough to donate to the game.  It also stands that Dina wouldn’t have the job of community manager if those fans weren’t kind enough to donate to the project.  This would be abhorrent behavior for anybody and at first I was just going to publish the story to get the world out without accusing Dina of anything since, although suspected, we had no proof that it was her doing despite being the community manager.

Luck struck though since Dina, like most other SJW’s, can’t keep their mouth shut and she quickly took to twitter bragging about her actions and of course attributing everything that everybody was pissed off about to harassment and misogyny.  It’s almost like these people are ad hominem robots created in a lab somewhere.

My mentions are a Who’s Who-gives-a-fuck of block fodder, for those of you with an itch. <3 — Dina (@PetiteMistress) September 21, 2014

Yes, because who cares if people that attributed to you getting a job are upset over your actions, just silence them.


Classy Dina, classy

.@Soldierofhyrule yes! Courage like yours, oh mighty burner account not using your real name or tweeting abt anything but GG! What a hero! — Dina (@PetiteMistress) September 21, 2014

.@ItsMehWeesnaw dislike me till you’re red in the face for disagreeing with your faux-movement of thinly veiled misogyny. Stop harassing.

— Dina (@PetiteMistress) September 21, 2014

It keeps going on like this and you can check out her twitter account if you are interested, but I did come across this one tweet which possibly explained her actions.

@bobbypaycheque because he kept posting screencaps from the private backer forums which is a rule violation. Which we clearly state.

— Dina (@PetiteMistress) September 21, 2014

The truth of her claim I can not verify as she doesn’t offer any proof and the twitter account for Forte still claims he was blocked for Gamer Gate reasons and doesn’t show any offending images.  If this truly was the reason he was banned, that sounds legitimate, but then that doesn’t explain the non-stop constant snarky remarks against Gamer Gate and people supporting it on your twitter account.  It really makes me question your agenda as this is exactly the thing that makes people upset with you getting hired into the position in the first place.

As it turns out people have organized behind this and are again calling for their donations to be returned

@KachoArinoDesu @spergnado @FortesSnC @No56008 @Pickled_Orange @raiiban @Rupang86 @FauxpasFenril @MightyNo1204 pic.twitter.com/wJtn7u3lPP

— JamusAeons (@JamusAeons) September 22, 2014

That image was from refund requests from earlier this year during the initial Dina controversy, so now they are going directly to the credit card companies to request refunds.  Forcing two instances of mass refund requests doesn’t seem like the actions of a good community manager.

Here is the issue I have with all of this and it all goes back to Dina’s toxic attitude.  She is the community manager, meaning her job is to deal with the community.  Let’s say for a second that what she said was accurate, this entire thing would be dead if she just came out with the truth, apologized to #GamerGate supporters for getting the wrong idea and confirmed that #GamerGate supporters were welcome in the community as long as they didn’t harass or break any rules.

Instead she perpetuates this culture by spending an entire day harassing supporters of #GamerGate and playing the victim looking for pity.  If she would have taken the correct steps and managed her community properly, there wouldn’t be people rushing to get their money back since they feel they are supporting a toxic soulless project.  In their eyes she has killed any excitement people had for this project and she really has nobody to blame but herself.

No matter the reason, she just isn’t managing the community properly, proving that she wasn’t qualified for the position in the first place.  Now she is actually hurting the project, giving it bad press, and forcing people to request refunds through any means possible.


However, as we have seen with these SJW types all along, they just can’t help themselves.

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