DCS: MiG-21Bis is Probably the Most Realistic Flight Sim Yet

The DCS (Digital Combat Simulator) series by Leatherneck Simulation have always strived for not only photo-realism, but also impeccably accurate details from the ship exterior to every single knob found within your cockpit.

Featured above, you can view a gameplay trailer from Leatherneck Simulations featuring the MiG-21Bis getting a cold start up, and finally a successful takeoff. You really have to go through flipping tons of switches and hitting loads of buttons to boot.

Here are the key features of the MiG-21Bis simulation:

  • Incredibly detailed flight physics, utilizing an advanced component based simulation system.
  • Highly detailed, six-degrees-of-freedom cockpit with extremely detailed textures.
  • Fully interactive and animated cockpit. Use your mouse to control levers, switches and knobs!
  • Fully modeled avionics and weapons suites – exactly as they appear and operate in the real MiG-21.
  • Highly detailed exterior model and textures, with advanced suspension and afterburner animations.
  • Unique and Custom weapons, including the RN-24 and -28 Nuclear bombs!
  • Incredibly detailed simulation of the MiG-21’s hydraulic, electrical, engine, weapons and fuel systems and applicable subsystems.
  • Full Singleplayer Campaign spanning dozens of missions.
  • Fully interactive, guided and narrated tutorials, helping you quickly and efficiently learn how to operate the MiG-21.
  • 181 Page illustrated manual, detailing every system and procedure of the aircraft.

To be clear, the MiG-21Bis simulation is simply an add-on to the existing (and free) DCS World battlefield simulation, which not only lets you partake in single player missions but also heated multiplayer battles.

The DCS: MiG-21Bis simulation is currently available for pre-order on Leatherneck Simulations’ website for $44.99 dollars, a five dollar discount from its regular price of $49.99 dollars.

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