Dungeon Travelers 2 Countdown and Playable Demo are Revealed

dungeon travelers 2 09-11-14-1

Aquaplus has revealed a countdown website for their upcoming Playstation Vita port of Dungeon Travelers 2.

We’re not entirely sure what this countdown is leading to, especially considering the game itself coming to the platform on September 25th. Whatever the countdown is leading to, it will be coinciding with this year’s Tokyo Game Show, on September 17th.

Also recently put out by the studio is a playable demo of Dungeon Travelers 2, which is now available on the Japanese Playstation Store. The demo lets players dungeon crawl up to level 9, and accrue a total of 9,999 in game currency. You can even transfer your data from the demo into the full version, when it launches in Japan.

Brandon Orselli


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