Is Koji Igarashi Kickstarting a Castlevania Spiritual Successor?

koji igarashi kickstarter 09-07-14-1

Following his departure from Konami, Castlevania mastermind and auteur Koji Igarashi had legions of hardcore Castlevania fans demanding that he create his own “Metroidvania” style game.

While Igarashi-san did voice his want to create a “core experience”, the suits at Konami simply wouldn’t let him do that after they handed off Castlevania to westerners and put him to work on cheap mobile games. However, it seems like a flyer from PAX 2014 has tipped us off to an upcoming announcement from the creator and his inevitable new game. Featured above, you can view that very flyer, which came to light via IGN staffer Jose Otero.

The blurb just below the symbol reads:

“Prepare yourself, alchemist, for the challenge and deep mystery of [BLANK], the all-new adventure that will turn your world upside-down. (What else would you expect from world-famous game creator, [BLANK]?) Travel the lands in your quest to seal ruptures in the fabric of reality itself. Master the dark arts to defeat demons threatening all of mankind and gain their skills, forging new weapons from their previous materials they leave behind. Because yes, alchemist, there will be blood. The only question is will it be yours, or theirs?”

Things get really interesting when internet sleuths dissect the image completely and decode a message from it:

koji igarashi kickstarter 09-07-14-2

Clearly, this is hinting at an upcoming announcement for the game, involving a Kickstarter to help fund the new title.

So what do you guys think? We’ve filed this under our new category, rumors, for now. As a long time Castlevania and most especially Metroidvania fan, I’m entirely excited to see where this leads.

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