Love Live! School Idol Paradise Gameplay is Watchable!


Some gameplay footage of Love Live! School Idol Paradise surfaced today, with three 4-and-a-half minute long videos showing up on Youtube. The three songs shown are Kodukuna Heaven (a Hanayo solo), Pure Girls Project (a Printemps song), and No Brand Girls (featuring all of μ’s). While I personally am not that fond of Printemps (BiBi all the way!) It’s still great to see some gameplay for this game showing up.

Unfortunately, the videos must be played on a rather low difficulty because they look crazy easy, but I still want to import a copy of the game for the music if nothing else. Anyway, here are the videos:

Also, here is the game’s song list:

Vol. 1-3 (Shared) Songs

  • “Bokura ha Ima no Naka de”
  • “Bokura ha Ima no Naka de” (LittleMore-Rock Mix)
  • “Music S.T.A.R.T.!!”
  • “Music S.T.A.R.T.!!” (SKA-Feel Mix)
  • “No brand girls”
  • “No brand girls” (GRP-Explosion Mix)
  • “Shangri-La Shower” (New Song)
  • “Start Dash!!”
  • “Start Dash!!” (Bitter-Sweet Mix)
  • “Wonderful Rush”
  • “Wonderful Rush” (Hevey-Rush Mix)

Vol. 1 Printemps Unit Solo & Unit Songs

  • “Ai ha Taiyou-janai!?”
  • “Kodokuna Heaven”
  • “Pure Girls Project”
  • “Pure Girls Project” (Super-Mondo Mix)
  • “Speaker Terrible”

Vol 2. BiBi Unit Solo and Unit Songs

  • “Arifureta Kanashimi no Hate”
  • “Cutie Panther”
  • “Cutie Panther” (Metal-Panther Mix)
  • “Darling!!”
  • “Mahoutsukai Hajimemashita!”

Vol. 3 Lily White Unit Solo and Unit Songs

  • “Binetsu kara Mystery”
  • “Binetsu kara Mystery” (Teke-Teke Eleki Mix)
  • “Junai Lens”
  • “Koi no Signal Rin rin rin!”
  • “Watashitachi ha Mirai no Hana”

Free Downloadable Songs

  • “Bokura no LIVE Kimi to no LIFE”
  • “Snow Halation”

Unfortunately, the song list is less than impressive, but it still looks like fun.

In the meantime, I’ll have to keep playing the free mobile game – which I totally recommend by the way. It’s awesome for a free game. And it has more songs – even a bunch from the second season.

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