High School DxD New Fight Brings Over 50 Girls and Destructible Clothing to Vita

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We originally reported on High School DxD getting yet another video game adaptation, only this time on Playstation Vita.

At the time we didn’t have much information but thankfully we’ve gotten a new online preview via Famitsu that spills a few of the beans regarding the “erotic harem RPG,” which is being developed by Marvelous.

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Dubbed High School DxD New Fight, you’ll have a tour through the game’s main storyline, which is penned by creator Ichiei Ishibumi. You’ll be able to take on a variety of quests and battles – speaking of girls, there are over 50 of them in the game, encompassing the first two seasons of the anime adaptation.

You can recruit each girl by completing the aforementioned quests, and you can also achieve this via a strange, randomized capsule like feature. You can also switch out their costumes, because why not in a game like this?

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The game features a clothes destruction mini game titled “Dress-Break,” which lets you … you guessed it, destroy the clothes any of the girls are wearing. As expected, if you successfully destroy enough clothes, you can recruit said girl to your party.

High School DxD New Fight comes with an online component as well, which features online co-op and an exciting versus mode to let you battle other players. Unfortunately, details with these modes are quite scant for now, but will be revealed later.

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High School DxD New Fight is coming out sometime this summer in Japan for the PlayStation Vita.

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