Chaos Ring III: Prequel Trilogy is Revealed for Playstation Vita and Mobile

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It seems like we’ve found what that Prequel Trilogy trademark that Square Enix filed is for – the company has revealed Chaos Rings III: Prequel Trilogy, a third game in their Media Vision developed mobile RPG series.

The title is confirmed for both iOS and Android devices, as well as the Playstation Vita, and it’s coming on October 16th in Japan, for 2,800 yen on smartphones and 4.300 yen on the Vita.

The Playstation Vita port is getting a Square Enix e-Store-exclusive, dubbed the “Chaos Rings III Prequel Trilogy Special Edition.”

For a small upgrade to 4,800 yen, the special edition comes with a Yusuke Naora and Reo Obata hand-drawn card booklet, a music collection featuring music by Noriyasu Agematsu, a short story and art book by Yukinori Kitajima, and finally a serial code which you can redeem for a Reo Obata-drawn Kakusansei Million Arthur card.

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The official website for Chaos Rings III is set to launch on August 7th.

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