The Menagerie, Lupiesoft’s First Eroge Visual Novel, is Looking Pretty Steamy

the menagerie 07-31-14-2

Lupiesoft is a smaller, recently-formed independent studio that specializes in visual novels, whose work so far has been looking pretty stellar.

Recently, they’ve been working on a new game, titled In the City of Alabast: The Menagerie, which is deliberately erotic in nature—as you can probably tell by the key art above. The game features five story characters, all with their own unique paths, and one main character, the Drachene “Rao-Ji” (center, above).

The Menagerie is set hopefully for a release this fall. The main priority at Lupiesoft is to ensure the experience is as polished as can be before launch. A warning to those who are looking to dive into this particular eroge VN: it has yuri (lesbian) and futanari (dickgirl) scenes.

Taosym, the studio boss and self-dubbed “aficionado of high-class elf smut”, is hard at work crafting a high-fantasy visual novel with a wild range of species and characters.

If you want to check out more art for In the City of Alabast: The Menagerie, you can do so on their official website. You can even support them regularly via their Patreon, which can be found here.

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