Atlus has a Brand New IP in the Works, New Announcement Coming Soon

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This week’s Famitsu magazine has given us a very interesting interview with representative director Yukio Sugino and company director Naoto Hiraoka, of Atlus fame.

In the interview both head honchos talked about their currently developed games, as well as some unannounced ones. Hiraoka starts off with a tease for what seems to be the recently teased Etrian Odyssey game:

“I think we’re going to reveal that game very, very soon.”

Here’s some exciting news – Hiraoka also made a note that Atlus has “begun development on a game that is three years from release.” The more interesting tease, however, is that the company is “preparing completely new games like Catherine and Dragon’s Crown.”

Both talked about the next-gen consoles, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One:

“As makers of consumer video games, [Playstation 4 and Xbox One] are a new avenue we cannot ignore. Coming from this, we’re definitely looking at those development platforms.”

Lastly, both bosses mentioned that the Persona series has exploded with popularity due to the game being adapted into anime, movie, and stage iterations. As you can expect, both gentleman confirmed that Atlus is looking to bring their other games to other forms of media.

So are you guys excited for completely new games from Atlus?

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