People Apparently Like JRPGs – Bravely Default Sells Over 1 Million Units Worldwide

bravely default 07-28-14-1

A wise man once said: “If you make good video games, they will come” – or something like that. Square Enix has just confirmed that worldwide sales for Bravely Default have toppled one million units.

These numbers are a testament to fans who continue to yearn for more “classic RPG” experiences, instead of focusing on bleeding edge graphics. This comes after the dismay seen by the head honchos over at Square Enix, who believed that international fans just didn’t like JRPGs.

In Japan, the game sold over 400,000 units, with the remaining 600,000+ units sold overseas in various international countries.

Lastly, a free to play version of the game is available today on the Japanese eShop, and it contains the first four chapters of the game. Japanese players can upgrade to the full game for a fee of 2,000 yen.

Brandon Orselli


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