Hori Reveals an External LCD Display Add-on for Playstation 4

playstation 4 toro 07-26-14-3

We previously reported on a Toro covered Playstation 4 at this year’s Ani-Com and Games Expo, but there was also something else of note shown off at the convention in Hong Kong.

Peripheral maker Hori is apparently working on a top mounted LCD display for the Playstation 4, which you can view above next to a PS4 covered with a sticker from The Last of Us.

Here’s some more shots of the display, courtesy of Amazon Japan:

 playstation 4 lcd 07-26-14-1 playstation 4 lcd 07-26-14-2

The display itself has headphone outputs (which you could also do with the Dualshock 4’s headphone port, or via a bluetooth headset), and it can display in full 1080p. However, it’s refresh rate is somewhat slow at 25ms, so you probably don’t want to be playing a fighting game on this display.

The add-on costs 29,252 yen, or roughly $287 dollars, before tax and importing fees of course. I know a lot of people will find this piece of kit incredibly dumb, but I grew up in the era of ridiculous and tacky gaming peripherals and add-ons, so I’m basically frothing at the mouth here.

If you’re so bold as to pre-order it, you can do so via the monitor’s Amazon Japan page, found here.

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