After Reset, the Ambitious Fallout Inspired Third Person RPG, is Funded on Kickstarter

It’s no secret – I love post apocalyptic fiction, pretty much in any form or iteration. Some of my friends and family call it a paranoid delusion, but I like to call it living out a lawless fantasy. But I digress, After Reset looks pretty awesome!

Featured above, you can get a look at the third person, post apocalyptic RPG that hearkens back to games like Fallout 1 and 2, Planescape: Torment, and other CRPGs that generally had incredibly deep experiences, in storyline, gameplay, and character development.

After Reset was actually on Kickstarter before, they managed to raise $50,000 dollars of their $900,000 goal, so with this new Kickstarter they’ve broken up the game itself into chapters, the first of which is now set for a release later this year.

That’s right – the Kickstarter for After Reset is already funded at just above $41,000 dollars of their $35,000 goal. Since their first campaign failed, they managed to get the game voted up enough to be Greenlit on Steam, as well as getting a Kickstarter for their prequel graphic novel successfully funded as well.

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