Femme-Fatales are Finally Teaming Up in Revolution 60 this Month

It’s been an interesting three years for developer Giant SpaceKat (GSK). In this time frame, in between all the hustle bustle and big releases of other games, the shift in console generations, and various shifts in the mobile game market, one particular gem has been sending waves beneath the radar.

Followers have seen it take shape and form, growing and expanding in it uniqueness, beauty, and specialty. Now, the team is poised for the big day. Launch day. Their game? Revolution 60, an action-packed science-fiction action game. And the big day is this coming Thursday, July 24th on all iOS devices and PC.

Revolution 60 is a fascinating, fast-paced game with a heavy emphasis on story, settings, and decision-making on the fly. It can best be described as Heavy Rain meets Mass Effect. In the future, a massive orbital weapons platform owned by the USA has malfunctioned and gone adrift over China, sending panic and political tensions skyrocketing.

Meet Holiday, an elite female agent and member of a special private team, known as Chessboard.  She is en route to N313 to correct the satellite and halt tensions. But nothing is what it seems.


Players engage in a fast-paced real-time action grid. When players face enemies, they navigate this grid in an effort to flank their enemy. When in position, they use their quick reflexes to land striking blows and use their weapons. As you engage in combat and explore the station, you gain XP to gain new skills. You’re choices with characters will affect the nature of the game as well as the ending of the game.

Revolution 60 goes much deeper then simple choices and has a clear inspiration from RPG’s. GSK has confirmed the game is the first in a planned trilogy. Your choices and ending will translate over to the next installment.

GSK is setting out to do something truly unique and amazing with mobile platforms. A compelling story, an all-female cast, engaging dialogue, a genuine twist of cleverness to cliched stereotypes, and a very memorable visual style all are making for quite the release. Already, before it launches, there is a thrill in the air.

An example of the game's combat system. Holiday is the female heroine on the left.

GSK and Revolution 60 were at PAX EAST 2014 this past April in Boston, MA. Players that played the played the demo shared good experiences all-round. Recently, the game was submitted and, for a very brief time, was accidentally available to Apple App store users. Those users that obtained this have already had very positive things to say about the game.

Boston-based publisher Plan of Attack is publishing the game. The iOS version of the game will release on July 24th with a PC and Linux version coming shortly after. Check out more of Revolution 60 on their main website here for inside access to dev diaries and to find out more about the game.

On July 24th, one choice will change everything!

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