Mountain Simulator is Coming to Steam, Signaling the Apocalypse

The number of simulators (parody or not) have reached a staggering level. So far, we’ve covered goat simulator, cat simulator, grass simulatorrock simulatorfarming simulatorbear simulator, cow simulatorcow-girl farmer simulator – but now we’ve heard of a freaking mountain simulator.

Featured above, the game is called simply Mountain, and it’s making its way to Steam. Created by David O’Reilly, the visual artist who crafted a minigame for the film Her, the game starts off with a questionnaire that help sculpt your precedurally generated mountain. There are no controls – you simply watch the mountain progress on its own through various ecosystems.

While a release date for Mountain on Steam was not confirmed, it is currently available on iOS, Mac, Linux, and PC (the latter three via the Humble Store), for a dollar.

Brandon Orselli


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