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Don’t Starve: Giant Edition E3 2014 Hands-on Preview

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My girlfriend and I love Don’t Starve, the survival crafting game from Klei Entertainment (pronounced “clay”). So when we found out that it was being ported to the Vita, we both naturally got really excited.

Don’t Starve features a bunch of characters with different abilities that can be unlocked simply by surviving as long as you can throughout the game. The game also has tons of different items to gather, craft, cook, and fight with.

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Everything you love about the game comes to the Vita’s screen in a great way, and loses no quality in the transition save for one thing. The frame rate can drop huge amounts when you set entire forests on fire, which may not be a deal breaker for most.

However, sometimes it can be an effective strategy, and I wouldn’t want to avoid an effective strategy just because of it causing issues with frame rate.

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Coming from this, I hope that Klei will fix everything up in time for the game’s release, which hasn’t actually been announced yet. Stay tuned!

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