Minecraft on PS4 is Coming with Touchpad Support on the Dualshock 4

Minecraft on Playstation 4 is rapidly approaching its August release, and with E3 just passing us by, Mojang has given us a pretty cool update for the game.

The game will support the Dualshock 4’s touchpad, a new feature that will allow users to navigate the crafting and menus within the game. Alongside the news of touchpad support was Mojang confirming that worlds within the PS4 version are “36 times bigger than the ones you might be used to on PlayStation 3.”

Minecraft on PS4 will also support all of the console’s sharing functionality. If you already own the game on PS3, you can upgrade to the PS4 version “for a small fee.” However, as the disc version has been available on PS3, getting that upgrade to work is a bit trickier:

“Our intention is to make this work for the disc version of Minecraft too, but it’s proving a bit trickier to set up. We’ll post more info on this as soon as possible.”

Minecraft on PS4 is coming alongside the Playstation Vita and Xbox One versions, all three of which are coming sometime in August.

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