This E3 2014 Stronghold Crusader II Trailer is Getting Me Excited for Desert Warfare Again

Firefly Studios have finally given us a look at how brilliant Stronghold Crusader II looks in its new beta form.

Straight from E3 2014, we’ve gotten some gameplay updates, as well as the new trailer, which you can view above.

We’ve also learned some rather interesting tidbits of information, as the game is being self published, giving them ample room and time to add on a few more layers of polish:

“Self-publishing comes with its own set of challenges but one of the great advantages is that we can release when we are ready, when the bugs have been squashed and the game is worthy of the Crusader name. The team has been tweaking areas of gameplay such as unit balance and castle destruction in direct response to feedback received at these shows and it has made a huge difference. Players are telling us it feels like the original Crusader in terms of moment-to-moment gameplay and just hearing that is hugely encouraging.”

The sequel to the cult classic is bringing a whole host of new features, including new units, new defensive units, new threats, and even new environmental hazards.

Stronghold Crusader 2 is currently in beta and will see a release via Steam on September 2nd.

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