Shovel Knight Embraces it’s Retro Influence

Nintendo is currently demoing Shovel Knight from Yacht Club Games on their twitch channel and the developers of the game revealed some interesting tidbits.  It’s almost a cliche at this point for indie games to go for a retro style, however, few of these games actually replicate what retro games were all about and are usually just modern games with pixel art style graphics.

Shovel Knight is said to include a 66 color palate to closely replicate the 64 colors the NES could do and the developers also revealed that they used a modified version of the actual NES soundchip and if you listen to the music you can really hear the resemblance.  They went on to state that Manami Matsumae was the composer on this game and you probably recognize that game from the orignal Mega Man as well as the upcoming Mighty Number 9.

This is looking like a can’t miss title for retro fans and it’s coming on June 26th on Wii U and 3DS.

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