Grim Fandango Announced for PS4 and PS Vita

It was one of the very first games by legendary game creator Tim Schafer. In 1998, LucasArts released a gem of an adventure game known as Grim Fandango. A dark comedy set in a world inspired by Dio De Los Muertos ( Mexico’s Day of the Dead) the game was one of the first to utilize full-3D rendering along with static backgrounds.

The game was one of the original, classic adventure games, where players were required talk to characters, obtain clues, and solve puzzles to progress. That game was lauded for it’s style and gameplay but fell into a dark silence as it wasn’t a commercial success. It’s end marked a sort of demise for the traditional adventure game. But, as of last night, not anymore. Recent happenings at Disney and LucasArts have allowed this game to be seen once more and set to return.

Revealed last night during Sony’s Press Conference, Son’y paid attention to feedback and announced that this beloved classic is being remade exclusively for PS4 and PS Vita. With close association with Tim, Double Fine Productions, and Disney, Sony is bringing the classic back.

No word is set on release date or details but expect them to arrive within the coming year.  This may unofficially mark the return of the classic adventure game.  If you want to find out more, check out the documentary on PlayStation Blog. 

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Roberto Nieves


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