Star Citizen Blows Past $44 Million Dollars

star citizen 05-25-14-1

Star Citizen just keeps on raking in the dough, and the latest milestone that Chris Roberts and the team at Cloud Imperium Games have attained is the record breaking $44 million dollars.

To celebrate the new achievement, Chris Roberts took to the game’s official blog and revealed some new concept art (featured above), which shows off the Banu Merchantman freighter. To be more specific, however, the art is actually showing off the negotiation room, a place where traders can sit down and chat about their cargo, their rates, and so on.

“Transporting cargo is going to be more complex than just finding the ship with the highest storage capacity,” Roberts said. “It’s going to involve finding the right ship type for the job.”

Star Citizen can and probably will gather even more crowdfunding money, and the next tier is at $46 million dollars, where backers will all receive in game “scanning software” that allows for the long distance scanning of resources in the universe.

Brandon Orselli


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