Dungeon Fighter Online is Possibly Making a Comeback


Many Dungeon Fighter Online fans were upset when Nexon made the decision to shut the game down last year. For those who never played or heard of the game, DFO was an online, side-scrolling, arcade styled beat ’em up inspired by classics that you traditionally saw on consoles.

Now, we’ve learned that the original development studio, Neople, is actually looking to potentially revive the game via an alpha test that will be managed by the original team and not the publisher, Nexon. Before you get your hopes up, let’s dive into what this could mean for the future of the game.

First off, you can read about the newly opened alpha here. The developer has made a point that this is a full blown alpha, although this does not equate to the game getting a full relaunch Рalthough they are not ruling this out either.

What do you guys think? Should Dungeon Fighter Online get a second chance?

Brandon Orselli


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