Twitch on PS4 is so Popular, There’s a Shortage of PS4 Cameras

ps4 camera

Twitch TV streaming on the Playstation 4 is very popular, so popular in fact that the darn camera is seemingly hard to find in various retail outlets. While the camera, the various apps, and games were meant for users to engage in discussion and live stream their gameplay, it has taken another route in users setting up chatrooms of sorts.

Sony definitely underestimated the popularity of the device and the Twitch streaming service on Playstation 4, as they haven’t been able to meet the demand for the camera with their production line. In a statement by Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida to Polygon, he confirmed their error:

“It was a total miscalculation by our marketing guys.”

In related news, Sony did confirm that the Playstation 4 Camera had a 15% percent attach rate, meaning roughly 900,000 of the 6 million Playstation 4 owners have bought the camera. In the meantime, Sony is ramping up production of the camera to meet the consumer demand, and they should be more readily showing up in stores by now.

Brandon Orselli


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