Tired of Goats? Bear Simulator Might be for You

bear simulator 03-23-14-1

In case goat simulators are a bit too silly for you, the folks at Farjay Studios have decided to take matters into their own hands – or in this case, paws. Welcome to Bear Simulator, their bold and unique first person bear experience.

While their Kickstarter has a funding goal of $29,500 dollars, they’ve already blasted passed that and are currently sitting at around $36,000 dollars. Whether you like it or not, this game about foraging, hunting, and ultimately surviving in a “mini Skyrim,” only while “you’re a bear.”

Check out their kickstarter pitch below:

With the funding of the game already set in place, you can expect it to release on PC sometime in November of this year. If you’re wanting to get in on the bear action, head on over to their Kickstarter page.

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Brandon Orselli


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