Morrowind has Never Looked so Good

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The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind has remained a favorite in the series, mostly due to the sheer vastness and incredible atmosphere the game had at the time. Despite Bethesda’s recent efforts with Oblivion and more recently Skyrim, many fans are still comparing them to Morrowind, and ultimately still finding the predecessor to be on top.

Thankfully, a massive team of enthusiasts and fans have been diligently working away at a totally fan-built mod for Skyrim, titled Skywind, in which they completely recreate the world of Morrowind within the Skyrim engine. The team is over 70 strong, and they eventually plan to add full voice acting and even more detailed environments than the ones we’ve seen already.

Check out the new teaser trailer below:


Although the game is already looking pretty incredible, it is far from an official release, as the performance noticeably dips in certain areas. Some regions are not fully optimized, and “the frame rate is apparent in many scenes”, so there is still quite some work and polish to be done.

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