XSEED is Teasing a Localization Filled with Fanservice

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Akiba’s Trip 2 hasn’t been on our radar quite as much as some other games that have the potential to be localized for Western audiences, mainly due to the fact that the game has massive amounts of fanservice. I know that we cover a lot of games with fanservice here, but Akiba’s Trip 2 is easily one that takes the cake.

In the game, your main enemies are the Magaimono, a mysterious organization whose members can only be defeated by … stripping them of their clothes in daylight, rendering them into dust. This is sort of like the vampire like Kageyashi from the original game, only you’ll be stripping them down in the streets of Akihabara.

Previously, XSEED left a subtle tease at localizing the game on a post via the Playstation Blog, although it was nowhere near as solid of a tease as the one they made for Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus. Now, we definitely have a much more solid tease via a tweet they made today:

[Endowed ladies endure constant training regimens in class to overcome wicked nemeses.]

As with all of XSEED’s teases, this is a bit of a puzzle. If you didn’t get it already, we’ve got you covered – the letter of each word from that sentence spells out “electric town,” which is a popular nickname for the Akihabara district within Tokyo. This is both the setting of Akiba’s Trip 2, and a famously popular otaku destination.

Lastly, this could very well be a nod to their aforementioned tease of localizing Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus – or both. Who knows, either way, the fact that we could be getting both games is amazing, and a victory for fans of both franchises alike.

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