Inazuma Eleven is Now Available Via the American eShop

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Inazuma Eleven is getting its first English release in the Americas, Nintendo announced during this week’s Nintendo Direct broadcast.

The game is available now in the 3DS eShop, and is the first game in the series, which already saw release in Europe, where it shares a large following alongside its fanbase in Japan as well.

Check out the launch trailer below:

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You can also check out some of the game’s official features and a story synopsis below:


Raimon Junior High soccer club captain Mark Evans dreams of leading his team to becoming a world soccer champion… The problem is, his team doesn’t have enough players to compete! One day, they’re challenged to a match by the undefeated Royal Academy and his school gives him an ultimatum: win the match or the club is disbanded!

When legendary striker Axel Blaze transfers to Raimon, Mark senses the chance of a lifetime and sets out to recruit Axel. Will their fateful encounter change the soccer club’s destiny forever!?


  • RPG: Explore the world of Inazuma Eleven by discovering items, recruiting players, and watching the story unfold in traditional RPG fashion! While exploring, you will be challenged to mini four-on-four soccer battles that will sharpen up your soccer skills. The victory conditions of these battles range from simply stealing the ball to scoring three goals against your opponent.
  • Soccer: Everything you’ve learned in the soccer battles will be put to test in the 11-on-11 soccer matches against your rival teams! Guide your players across the field with the stylus, exploit your opponent’s elemental weaknesses using offensive and defensive special moves and lead your team to victory! Build up your team, defeat your rivals and become a true soccer legend!


Inazuma Eleven is now available for $19.99 via the 3DS eShop.

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