Monster Hunter Frontier G is Possibly Coming West

monster hunter frontier g art 1

It seems that Capcom is looking into bringing the massively multiplayer version of their popular monster hunting series, Monster Hunter Frontier G, to the West – that is if executive producer Yoshinori Ono’s words from this Q&A are anything to go by.

Ono claims that one of the main reasons why Capcom ported the game to consoles from its original PC release in 2007 is because of that very same reason – to eventually bring it overseas. Recently, Capcom also confirmed a Playstation Vita version of the title to be in development, adding to the other confirmed platforms: Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii U.

In the Q&A, Ono did not confirm what regions the game could come to, or when we could expect this to happen. Last year, Capcom did work with Chinese developer Tencent to work on a brand new online version of Monster Hunter, titled simply Monster Hunter Online. A beta for MHO launched last year in Taiwan, and Capcom is apparently gearing up to bring that internationally as well.

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