Witness a Super Trap Combo from Deception IV: Blood Ties

deception iv blood ties ss 26

Tecmo Koei has revealed a short new gameplay clip from Deception IV: Blood  Ties showing off a “super trap combo” attack.

Despite the very morbid ways you can inflict pain, humiliation, and eventually death onto someone in the game, the characters are left noticeably unscathed, although copious amounts of blood can be shown. The female character gets crushed by a boulder, hit by an axe, ensnared in a bear trap, stabbed by a sword and eventually impaled onto a sharp fountain of sorts.

You can view the new gameplay below:


Seriously – how did she not die at some point before falling off that giant fountain?

Deception IV: Blood Ties is set for a Western release on PlayStation 3 and PS Vita on March 25th in North America and March 28th in Europe.

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