Namco Bandai is Rebranding Themselves to … Bandai Namco

bandai namco logo

In a board of directors meeting held this past January 23rd, Namco Bandai decided that they’re going to rebrand their entire company and all of its subsidiaries to Bandai Namco.

This change will be taking place on April 1st, and I’m sure it will be getting lots of flack for a potential April Fool’s Joke, but it seems this is the real deal, as they are already known in Japan as Bandai Namco. The problem here is that in the West, and even with their English name in Japan, they’re known as Namco Bandai.

This change will be effective on the April 1st date, and it will change all of their 31 subsidiaries, which includes their six domestic and 25 overseas studios – all of which will be known as Bandai Namco.

The main reason for this change, Bandai Namco said, is to rise the appeal and brand value of their name overseas.

You can find a PDF with all 31 company name changes here.

Brandon Orselli


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